Effective Ways to Make Your Senior’s Home Fall-Proof


Is a senior loved one living alone? Ensure their safety and wellness even if you’re apart. Prevent accidents caused by falls and slips through these effective homemaking tips.

  • Assess their home and check for loose carpeting or floorboards
    Make sure to replace or fix these to avoid tripping, especially if carpets or floorboards are too old to use.
  • Is there enough lighting in their home?
    Lit hallways and staircases are important. Check for dim or broken lights and replace them with new ones.
  • Install a security system
    Not only does it help check on your senior but it also prevents criminal activity, such as intruders and other unwanted guests.
  • Place non-slip mats in the bathroom or any tiled surface
    Tile floors are very slippery when wet. Include non-slip mats in the bathroom to ensure your loved one’s safety.
  • Install grab bars and handrails
    These are especially important in the bathroom near the toilet, bathtub, or shower. Handrails are also useful to keep your senior’s balance.

These simple tips are guaranteed to keep your elderly as safe and healthy as possible. Practicing precautionary measures will aid in reducing hospital visits or admissions.

Aside from these tips, you can also enlist the help of reliable home care services in Tennessee.

Able Helpers Homecare is a certified and trusted provider of home health care in Nashville, Tennessee. Our team of caregivers goes over and beyond in ensuring your or your loved one’s overall welfare at home and in the community. We practice a client-centered approach to care and make sure to make our clients and their families a priority.

We also provide respite care services for any primary caregiver needing a quick break from their responsibilities.

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