How Essential Is Vitamin D to Heart Health?

how-essential-is-vitamin-d-to-heart-healthDid you know that there is a substantial link between heart failure and vitamin D deficiency? Heart failure is caused by a disorder in which the heart weakens as it enlarges. Because of this problem, the heart can no longer adequately pump the blood the body needs. Furthermore, it will cause a buildup of fluid in the body. Vitamin D, on the other hand, is beneficial to muscle strength. That is why congestive heart failure and vitamin D insufficiency are associated.

Muscle weakness occurs when a person is lacking vitamin D. The solar vitamin is also important for calcium absorption. Calcium will not be absorbed if the body does not have enough vitamin D. The heart muscle cells cannot contract adequately if calcium intake is inadequate.

It is not easy to be diagnosed with both illnesses. Talking to your doctor about the symptoms and other details regarding these impairments might also help you learn more. Call our personal care agency if you or a loved one suffers from heart problems and requires caregiver care.

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