Home Health Care Services We Can Avail Of


Home health care has gained more following. Thanks to its varied services that we patients can avail of. Seniors who prefer to age in place, individuals with chronic illnesses, and those with a disability can benefit the most from home health care. All patients of various age groups who want to avoid the hassles of going to hospitals and who want to save as home health care costs less compared to hospitals and other institutionalized health care can enjoy the advantages of home health care as well. We and our physicians can discuss the most suitable care plan and services that we require at home like the home care services in Tennessee. Read on to know some of the kinds of home health care services:

  • Nursing care

    Nursing care is the most typical kind of home healthcare. A registered nurse will create a care plan with the consultation of a physician. Among the services it offers are pain management, medicine administration, wound dressing, monitoring of our overall wellness, etc.

  • Homemaker or basic assistance care

    While we are being provided care at home, we can avail of the services of a homemaker or someone who aids us in doing household chores and other tasks to keep the household such as cooking/meal preparation, doing the laundry, shopping for groceries, and other associated tasks.

  • Doctor care

    A home healthcare physician can pay us a visit to diagnose and treat our health issues. He/she can review the type of home health care that we require. He/she may also give additional instructions to our caregivers.

  • Home health aide care

    Home health aides can provide us, patients, valuable assistance when it comes to our basic personal requirements like getting out of bed, taking a bath, dressing, grooming, and walking. Some of the aides possess special skills which they acquired through specialized training. They can use these skills in giving more specialized care under the monitoring of a nurse. They can also provide respite care to our primary caregivers.

At Able Helpers Homecare, our pool of highly proficient healthcare professionals can provide the kind of home care service that suits your requirement. Feel free to contact us about our home health care in Nashville, Tennessee.

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